News from MEP

  • News from MEP June 2016 GET MORE WORK FROM THE MEP WEBSITE Our ‘Find an Assessor’ offering on the MEP website was based on the assumption that it should be designed to appeal to property professionals. But the occasional member of the public has found their way there, and we surely want to encourage that. So some changes have been made to the website to make it easier for members of the public to use members’ services, and to make it easier for members to be aware of and respond to work opportunities. It is important that members are aware of these changes and respond ... Read more

  • News from MEP Jan 2016 YOU CAN SHAPE THE FUTURE OF MEP Happy New Year! Now that we have hopefully recovered (or are recovering?) from the mince pies and too much turkey, the first MEP meeting of 2016 will be held at the Black Horse in Northfield on Thursday 28 January at 4pm, which of course will include the usual free CPD session. This is an important meeting for the future of MEP. Robin Evans, who has been Chair of MEP for two years, will announce his intention to step down at this year’s AGM So the hunt is on for a new Chairperson for the organization, ... Read more

  • News from MEP September 2015 NDEA MASTERCLASS L3 & L4 Are you a commercial assessor, either level 3 or 4, interested in a practical (not just an SBEM entry job) Non Domestic Masterclass? If so, MEP is setting up a course with NES/MHER which should be just what you need. It is scheduled to run on 2 November in Northfield, Birmingham. This is a full day, classroom-based course run by experienced NES/NHER trainer Juan Garcia, but with a very practical focus, and potentially worth 6 hours CPD. There is a reduced Early Booking Fee of just £75 for this course – which is half ... Read more

  • CPD 3 – COMMERCIAL L4 MASTERCLASS After a long gap following the successful first MEP Masterclass, for Display Energy Certificate assessors, there are plans for more events of this kind to be laid on in the coming months, starting with an event for Level 4 commercial assessors, provisionally scheduled for mid November. This could be a one or two day event – that’s a decision to be made at our July meeting – and the plan is to include a range of practical sessions from manufacturers, installers and assessors. Details were circulated to members earlier this month and the response was excellent, so hopefully ... Read more

  • CPD 2 – UPDATE FROM SUE CPD Sec Sue Cole reported at in June that Shezhad Hussain has potential access to properties, houses or flats, with unusual features and has offered to give access to the group to assess and discuss methodology for assessment. She is also busily chasing after possible funding for future CPD, though she hasn’t caught up with any yet. Read more

  • CPD 1 – GRAHAME’S TECHNICAL TIT BITS Grahame Murphy introduced a new CPD feature at the June meeting. He explained that the aim of these session – of which it is likely there will be many more considering how well the first one was received – is for members to bring along issues, both commercial and domestic, encountered during day-to-day working, which may be of interest to other members, and for the group to discuss best practice and offer alternative approaches . Typically each item would take about 15 minutes. Grahame’s first session focused on commercial solar PV and evidencing wall thickness measurements where it ... Read more

  • AUGUST MEETING DON’T attend the August meeting, because you’ll be on your own – there isn’t a meeting in August! BUT in September you’ll be able to check out the date and location of the meeting on our brand new website! Read more

  • MEP WEBSITE REVAMP The MEP website is being completely revamped with a great deal of new content which we are aiming to have up and running by the end of August. The new-look site will have the eagerly-awaited ‘Find an Assessor’ feature, plus other features aimed at the general public. There will be open pages spreading the word to all assessors about what MEP can offer, but there will also be a range of ‘members-only’ pages, which can only be accessed with a member sign-in. For the first time we will be able to have full details online of all our meetings, training and CPD ... Read more